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To meet the expectations of the carpentry industry, the Högert Technik brand has introduced new saw blades to its portfolio. They are designed for cutting various types of materials made of solid wood, as well as wood-based materials, such as OSB, particleboards, fibreboards and plywood. They will find application in carpentry, renovation, construction and finishing works.

Saw blades

Saw blades are designed, depending on the saw blade dimension, to work with hand and cordless circular saws and mitre saws. Thanks to the small width of the kerf, they offer less cutting resistance. They are characterized by high resistance to temperature and deformation. The saw blades are made of Mn65 manganese steel alloy for maximum durability. They are available in the following sizes: 160 mm, 165 mm, 185 mm, 190 mm, 216 mm, 250 mm and 255 mm and they are marked with indexes from HT6D773 to HT6D790.

Each size of the saw blade is offered with a different number of cutting teeth for fast or precise cutting. The maximum speeds are from 5900 RPM to 9500 RPM, while the diameter of the mounting hole is 30 mm.

The set includes reduction rings: 25, 20 and 16 mm that make it possible to use in most saws available on the market.

Saw blades guarantee chipping free cut thanks to the ATB (Alternate Top Bevel) tooth used. It means that the teeth of the saw are milled at the top, each in the opposite direction to the previous one. The higher the number of teeth, the smoother the cut. The hardened saw body ensures less heating and deformation. The increased durability of the cutting edge and the perfect adjustment of the optimal cutting speed affect the durability of the blades and ensure their long service life. Thanks to the use of the highest quality raw materials, the circular saw blades are perfect for professional use.

Högert Technik saw blades are available for sale at distributors nationwide and for sale online.

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